Welcome to SimpleAsWater 😉

Welcome to SimpleAsWater 😉

Hey There!

Whether you are just starting with Web 3.0, exploring different projects
like Ethereum, IPFS, etc. or are digging into the Web 3.0 concepts like
content addressing, DAGs or DHTs, I’m sure you find yourself scraping different resources from all across the web​.



  1. There is a GAP​ between "What people are looking to learn​" & "What people are writing​".
  2. Lack of "Human Readable & Detailed" content(guides) that just not gives you a quick tutorial, but also gives an insight on how things work and the purpose behind them.

Do we have a solution? Yes, we do.

SimpleAsWater​ is an open-source​,​ incentivized​ & community-driven​ platform, where anybody can teach & learn Web 3.0 in a​ productive​ way.

How does this work?

  1. Bridging the GAP
    Anyone can suggest tutorial topics & vote on the tutorial topics. Anybody who is
    interested in writing can choose from the popular(most voted) topics & earn bounties.
  2. Incentivizing Everyone the Community
    SimpleAsWater DAO is a part of the 1 Million Devs initiative. If you contribute to
    SimpleAsWater, you get the benefits across the Umbrella of 1 Million Devs Projects.
  3. Need any help with your project or just learning? Welcome to SimpleAsWater Discord. A safe place to ask your silliest doubts, or most complex questions.
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