IPFS Cluster Production deployment

IPFS Cluster Production deployment

This section is meant for administrators looking to setup IPFS and  IPFS Cluster on a production environment. Administrators are expected to  be familiar with IPFS and with the deployment of production  applications (including reading the logs, being able to verify if ports  are open, if connectivity exists between peers or if process is  running).

Additionally, running IPFS Cluster in production requires:

  • Basic understanding of the Cluster application architecture and how it interacts with IPFS
  • Adjusting ipfs and ipfs-cluster-service configurations to the environment and the requirements as well as the environment as necessary (firewall ports etc.)
  • Starting the ipfs-cluster-service daemons and verifying
  • Optionally automating the deployment and lifecycle of cluster peers.

These topics are explained in the sections below:

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