IPFS Cluster REST API Reference

IPFS Cluster REST API Reference

IPFS Cluster peers include an API component which provides HTTP-based  access to the peer’s functionality. The API attempts to be REST-ful in form and behaviour. It is enabled by default, but it can be disabled by  removing its section from the service.json configuration file.

The following API docs are work in progress  and serve only as a quick reference. To play with and see how endpoints  are used you can use ipfs-cluster-ctl --enc=json --debug ...
All the available API endpoints and their parametres and object formats are documented and supported by the API client.

This table provides a quick summary of methods available:

Method Endpoint Comment
GET /id Cluster peer information
GET /version Cluster version
GET /peers Cluster peers
DELETE /peers/{peerID} Remove a peer
POST /add Add content to the cluster
GET /allocations List of pins and their allocations (pinset)
GET /allocations/{cid} Show a single pin and its allocations (from the pinset)
GET /pins Local status of all tracked CIDs
POST /pins/sync Sync local status from IPFS
GET /pins/{cid} Local status of single CID
POST /pins/{cid} Pin a CID
POST /pins/{ipfs\|ipns\|ipld}/<path> Pin using an IPFS path
DELETE /pins/{cid} Unpin a CID
DELETE /pins/{ipfs\|ipns\|ipld}/<path> Unpin using an IPFS path
POST /pins/{cid}/sync Sync a CID
POST /pins/{cid}/recover Recover a CID
POST /pins/recover Recover all pins in the receiving Cluster peer
GET /health/graph Get connection graph

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